Looking for a nice wine basket

Our wine manners are combined by ourselves, handmade and packed for our wine manners only fresh products. All our cheeses, grapes, sausages are dayvers.

Because we're packing daycares can prevent an article on the showing photo is unspeakable, then we'll replace it for some kind of product, which, by the way, this money isn't delivered for the wines that are always delivered to the images and the descriptions.

Underneath a small grip of our assortment.

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Certified vines and packages

All our packing materials are certified as food auction products for packing Food and feeding wars

Wine for companies

We also make corporate wine baskets and vines for your company, in consultation, we can make anything for you and pack for your wish.

Wijnkist met opdruk op deksel

Press wine and caskets.

Our wine baskets and vines can be printed with your logo, text, and, like, full color printed for the blankets on the wine boxes, very nice as a relationship gift for your company.

Wijnkist met bedrukking

Send wine baskets

Because we work with day-to-day products in our wine manners, we don't send on Saturdays, we don't want our wine baskets in winter and summer in a hall that we find sin of our day-to-day products, just to indicate that you're specific