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Taxing wine bottles

Is my bottle of wine still good?

If you buy a bottle of wine, you need to watch the Ullage this is the space between the cork and the wine level in the bottle, under here we describe the different levels of Bordeaux and Bourgne.

The capsule must be in good condition, which is protected the cork against vermin who want to seize it, the cork will make sure that the wine is well preserved, the Capsule was used to be made of lodges, and then it's not a good violation of Tinums.

Bourgogne wine bottles Tax

2 centimeters is a good ullage level for every wine for every wine year

3 centimeters is a good ullage level for wines to 20 years old

3-5 centimeters is a good ullage level for wines between 20 and 40 years old.

5-6 centimeters for wines over 40 years, this is a good ullage level, with younger wines, it indicates that the wine has been kept badly, or a corck that doesn't close properly

Bordeaux wine bottles Tax

Base neck

The base neck is the lower part of the neck a good level for any wine, regardless of her age. It's a fine level for older wines, and for wines over 20 years, even very good.

Very top shoulder

This is an acceptable level for 1958 to 1972

Top shoulder

This is a good level for wines over 25 years, but there's a small chance that the wine is oxidated. In oxidation, the wine looks deaf, she also tastes superficial by years of oxidation in the bottle

Upper shoulder

This is normal for wines over 35 years, but in younger years, it looks like the wine has been badly preserved or a problem with a distinct cork. It's a bigger risk of bad taste.

Low shoulder

This isn't a good level if you buy the wine to drink or keep any longer. The level indicates bad custody or a problem with the cork that's had his best hair. The risk that the wine is no longer good is raised here

Taxeren wijnfles

Wines buy in

Would you like to buy wines to sell later, then make sure that the label in good condition remains worth the wine bottle more to drink the wine, then don't let the wine affect you by the oatmeal, but it can be excellent in the cellar

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