Old and Exclusive wines

Buying and drinking old wines is fun, it can be an experience but also a setback, it is an adventure and discovery that many wine lovers share.

on our website we offer you old wines, unfortunately we cannot give any guarantee on these wines, because we buy the wines and do not know exactly what happened to the wine in the past.

When we buy wines, we value the bottles to see if the wine is still drinkable. You can read about how this valuation of old wines works here. Taxeren van wijn

Oude wijnen Bourgogne

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For old wines it is important that they have been well preserved over the years, especially at a constant temperature that can usually only be obtained in cellars or nowadays also climate cabinets.

if the wine has had too many fluctuations in temperatures, it may well be that the wine has oxidized and can no longer be drunk, this is due to oxygen that enters through the cork during temperature changes, this makes the wine come to life, as it were This is done by shrinking and expanding the wine in the different temperatures to which the wine is exposed.

It is important that an old wine is laid flat and preserved so that the closure "the cork" has always remained moist

Oude en exclusieve wijnen

Level of the wine

the level of the wine in the bottle, but also the bottle itself usually says something about how the wine has been preserved, this is the only option we have to value the bottle, with a poorly preserved bottle of wine, the level will then also sagged quite a bit in the bottle.

over the years the level of the wine in the bottle drops just as well, unfortunately we cannot counteract it completely, but if this is to an acceptable level we can assume with a formula of years and level of the wine, how the condition of the wine wine could be and it has been preserved.

if the level of the wine has dropped considerably in a short number of years, the wine has had to endure a lot.

Read more about this on our page Taxeren van wijn