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Old and exclusive wines

Buying and drinking old wines is nice, it can be a experience, but also an adversary, it's an adventure and discovery that share many wine lover.

on our website, we offer you old wines, unfortunatel. we can't guarantee these wines, because we buy the wines and not know exactly what happened to the wine in the past.

When we buy wines, we'll appraise the bottles or the wine may still be drinkable, how this applauds from old wines about to work you can read hereTaxing wine

Oude wijnen Bourgogne

Keep wine

For old wines, it's important that these goods have been preserved over the years, especially at a constant temperature that are preserved mostly in cellars or climates fridges these days.

the wine has had too many swings in temperatures, so it can be  that the wine has been oxidized and no more to drinkable, this is because of oxygen that comes through the cork at temperature changes here, when the wines are exposed to the different kinds of temperature.

It's important that an old wine has been flattened and kept so that the closure "the cork" has always been moist

Oude en exclusieve wijnen

Level of the wine

the level of the wine in the bottle, but also the bottle itself says something about how the wine is kept, this is the only option we have to appraise the bottle, at a badly preserved bottle of wine, the level must have been pretty much compromised.

over the years, the level falls from the wine in the bottle, unfortunately, we can't contradict it all, but if this is to an acceptable level, we can assume with a formula of years and level of the wine, how the state of the wine might have stayed.

the level of the wine has failed in a few years, then the wine has had a lot to do.

Read more about this on our pageTaxing wine

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