Retour shipment,

Do you want to return no problem you'll inform us of this first, including a convenient explanation of how you can download a return toll through our email track and trace

You've received an email from us or our partner myparcel with Track and Trace the next e-mails are used for this

- info vintage cave

no-reply @myparcel

if you can't find these, please look in your eyes spam mail or unwanted email it could be that this one got into this, if you look at this e-mail, you'll see a link to the bottom of retourable downloading

retour 1

When you've clicked on retourable download, you'll be on a next page where you can move on

go with the return label.

you see in underage photo that's reported to whatever date you can make a retourable, even you can see the button thread if you press this button, you can download the retour, you can put it in a box, and you'll stick it to the box


the bar code needs to be scanned, and the label should be readable, if you can't print, then you can always make a label at a postnal location you use our address at the bottom of the page

retour 2

Would you like to bring the wine itself to our agreement is our return address

Wijnhandel Grand Cave

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4401HR Yerseke

Top of explanation is the implemented procedure for return, for legal terms of retourns and expenses, we'll refer you to our page re-enactment rights that you can find via submissive link.

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