Port years and sorts

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You might know it after a nice dinner, a glass of port, the next day there's another half a bottle or leftover Port on the table, how long can you keep these? About keeping Port's opinions divided, a Port is a reinforced wine and can't be compared to a bottle of whiskey, which means it's not limited.

Generally, Port is an alcoholic percentage between 18% and 22% by wines, this is 15% as soon as you get the bottle Port's open, so this one's still limited, but at least he can be held longer after he's been opened than a bottle of wine

The preservation depends on the type of port, anniversary, and circumstances where the bottle is stored at an open bottle of Port is also of interest to how much of it is left in the bottle, given the amount of oxygen that comes in the bottle faster the Portland, the best way to keep it open.

  • Ruby Port
  • Tawny Porty
  • Vintage Port
  • Late Bottled Vintage
  • Colheita
  • White
  • Rose

We're under here preserving Port of Standard quality, so it could be that the better port years can be kept a little longer than it was reported under here, contained in a tabel, this looks like the standard Port.

Ruby Port2-3 weeks
Tawny Porty3-4 weeks
Vintage Port3 days
Late bottled Vintage (LBV)1-2 weeks
LBV unfiltered3 days

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Ruby Port

The contact with oxygen makes the Port fuller and gentle, so after a bottle, it's been opened a few days later the Port has become better of taste than a fresh bottle. After opening of the most common Port de Ruby, this one will last for two-three weeks while a Late bottled vintage (LBV) better be drunk within a two-week and no longer preserve.

Tawny Porty

The Tawny and Colheita Port are undergoing a wood layer and then in contact with oxygen, after you open this port, it's not a problem for the port to reconnect with oxygen, and then this port will be held for more than a few weeks, and it'll be able to keep it.

Vintage Port

The most expensive Port is the vintage this can be kept for a very long time unopened 20-30 years and longer, this port is unfiltered, and you can also decant the best and clear time of the case until it's three days before it's open.


Colheita port is the same as Vintage port is the only difference that a Colheita port has been ripped on wooden barrels for seven years, Colheita means in the Portuguese.

Keep Port in the fridge

Port, if it's open, it's best to keep it in the fridge or widespread or any other space where temperature is at least constant, it's important that in a fridge, the Port goes back less quickly. You want to drink the port again, let him come to temperature, and don't forget when you're putting the port out of here and shutting this down properly with the cork.

Good port of years

The most good years in which Vintage port were made

1963, 1966, 1970, 1975, 1977, 1980, 1985, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2013, 2011, 2016, These are the officially declared Port years.

And wine farmer can also report to want to make a Vintage port on this rather than strictly individually approved by the Instituto Dos Vinhos Douro e Porto, so only the best thing to do is keep this quality.

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