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Red Navarra

Red Navarra

Navarra red wines The Spanish Navarra occupies a whole piece of mountainous area between the Pyrenees and the Rioja, the Navarra is popular for its Rosada wines but because the demand is not growing it produces more and more white and red wines. In general , Navarre has an excellent climate for viticulture. The north has a micro climate. It gets drier to the south. Modernization is not standing still in Navarra with modern techniques, beautiful red wines are made from the Garnacha, the emerging Tempranillo , but also Merlot , Cabernet Sauvignon . Viticulture for red wines has increased to as much as 60 % for this area . In Navarra, too, it was the Romans who laid the foundations for viticulture in this area . you can read more about wine in our Blog

Red wines from Navarra

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