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Brand: Prime Cuts

Prime Cuts red blend

Gebied Zuid Afrika, SwartlandDruif BlendFles 0,75 LAlc perc 13 %Bottelaar Prime CutsAllergenen SulfietEten Vlees, Bbq, Swartland grapes are expertly blended with passion and skill to produce wines full of flavor and character. An absolute Cape classic!
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Prinsi Azienda Agricola

The Langhe, together with the Monferrato and the Roero, forms the heart of Piedmont. It is the main area of origin of Piedmont's culinary tradition, the world-famous Piedmontese cuisine. The famous Piedmontese white truffle (Tuber magnatum), which is found almost exclusively in the Langhe and is highly sought after because of its refined taste, plays an important role in this. The most important city of the Langhe is Alba and it is the center of the truffle trade. The Langhe also contains some of the most important and famous wine regions in Italy, such as Barolo and Barbaresco. In addition, the Dogliani is also an important wine region, and there are various DOCG and DOC wines that come from (almost) the entire Langhe. The most important appellation for red wine is the Barbera d'Alba DOC, under which very great wines are also made.

Arneis (or nebbiolo bianco or bianchetta d'Alba) is an autochthonous white grape variety from Piedmont that we find in the Roero and Langhe area. Some sources claim that Arneis is many centuries old, yet the oldest written mention of this grape only dates from 1877. In the past, Arneis was often blended with Nebbiolo to soften the latter, hence the synonym of white Nebbiolo. It is a lush growing variety that must be properly controlled to obtain quality fruit. It is sometimes a difficult grape for wine growers, because it is quite sensitive to powdery mildew

Piedmont, which means 'foot of the mountain', together with Tuscany, forms the reference for Italy as a wine country. Piedmont is hilly and lies between several mountain ranges that protect Piedmont from the maritime climate. The variety of wines in this area is very large. Piedmont has dozens of DOCs and many different wines are made in this area. Most of these wines are red and are mainly made from the Nebbiolo grape. Most grape varieties planted in Piedmont are of indigenous origin. In addition to the Nebbiolo, the grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Freisa, Barbera, Merlot Moscato Nero and Pinot Nero are also used from the blue grapes. The white grape varieties Barbera Bianca, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Riesling and Pinot Bianco are used. Piedmont is currently the market leader for the sparkling wines Asti Spumante and Moscato d'Asti.

Prinsi wine Italian wine

The Lequio family owns the Prinsi winery, located in Neive - Piedmont, known locally as Langa (in the Barbaresco growing area).

The family has been running the business for three generations; Daniele's grandfather Ottavio started bottling his own grapes in the late 1940s.

Franco, the son of Ottavio (Daniele's father), always had a special bond with the land and in 1967 - just turned 16 - he joined the family business and decided to devote himself entirely to winemaking.

After many years of working with the valuable help of his wife Silvana, together they redefined the course of the winery: dedicating a lot of time and attention to the actual cultivation of the grapes - which they consider the only starting point to become great wines and continuing their education, earning a thorough knowledge of soil and grapes.

In 1999, Franco and Silvana's son, Daniele, also started working at the winery - having just finished his studies as a qualified agronomist.

Daniele is a young farmer who is passionate about his work and the Langhe area where he grew up; completely convinced of the great results that his grapes can produce.

His ultimate goal is to create wines to remember.

Today, as in the past, this enthusiastically dedicated family seeks to maintain the strong bond with their territory and to convey this uniqueness to their wines. They have managed to establish their wines well on the international market, which gives them a well-developed trade network with several European and overseas countries.

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