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Brand: Prime Cuts

Prime Cuts red blend

Gebied Zuid Afrika, SwartlandDruif BlendFles 0,75 LAlc perc 13 %Bottelaar Prime CutsAllergenen SulfietEten Vlees, Bbq, Swartland grapes are expertly blended with passion and skill to produce wines full of flavor and character. An absolute Cape classic!
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Wines from Domaine Cave de Lugny

Cave de Lugny

Firmly anchored in the Mâconnais landscape Cave de Lugny proudly claims its origins and its journey that led it to its place as a specialist in southern Burgundy. With a view to the future, the cellar tries to continuously develop thanks to an important quality approach: of course the quality of the wines produced, but also the quality of working conditions, the relationships between different employees and producers, and the quality of the service provided to the consumer.

Cave de Lugny vineyard

History Cave de Lugny

Deeply rooted since the 18th century, where the wines from the vineyards of Saint Pierre, Crêts and Grande Vigne were already famous, the Cave de Lugny was officially created on January 30, 1927, becoming the second cooperative cellar to be established in the Mâconnais set up. , a year after that of Saint-Gengoux-de-Scissé.


Sharing the same values ​​and the same interests, the two cellars merged in 1966, although they kept their two production sites. The group pursued an investment policy through the expansion of buildings and, from 1970, the creation of wine packaging, the specific development of production sites with the production of red wines in Saint-Gengoux-de-Scissé and that of white wines in Lugny. In 1987, the group's too long name gave way to the name “ Cave de Lugny ”, shorter and therefore easier to remember.

Finally, in 1994, the Cave de Chardonnay joined the Cave de Lugny to benefit from the quality of its bottling structures and its commercial organization.

Today the cellar has specialized in three cellars:

- That of the famous village of Chardonnay has the peculiarity of producing sparkling wines.

- In Saint-Gengoux-de-Scissé we mainly vinify red wines.

- In Lugny we vinify and mature white wines, and bottle, package and ship all our appellations.

Cave de Lugny grape harvest

Cooperative Basement

Our cooperative wine growers are real master builders and proud of their land. They have the same common passion for their vineyard. They tend and grow their vines all year round, while the cellar produces and markets the wines. When it was founded, the cooperative cellar had 116 employees. Three years later there were 180, and today their number exceeds 400 members.

United, with strong personalities, creative and innovative, they are real talents in their raw state who play an essential role in regional planning, the preservation of the environment and the maintenance of rural activity in the region.

We produce protected designations of origin that build their reputation over the long term. Our farms and our cooperative cellar, which is their extension, were created for several generations of winegrowers. Together we cultivate art and the desire to make things happen, for the benefit of all.

Cave de Lugny filling wine barrels

Our Wines

White wines

The wines of Cave de Lugny are born in authentic land, that of Chardonnay. In its native territory, the legendary grape variety reveals all its potential and fully expresses itself. This is how exceptional places called “Les Charmes”, “Les Beluses” and “La Carte” were born on the land of Lugny.


Subtle aromas of white flowers, honey or citrus fruits... Each vintage of Cave de Lugny reveals the particularities of a Mâconnais parcel.

Chardonnay , a unique and noble grape variety, born here in Burgundy, reveals all its authenticity on our terroirs. Freshness, finesse, minerality or power, discover the multiple expression of real Chardonnay , naturally, without artifice.


In regional appellations, villages or via localities, the cellar tries to highlight the plots, revealing specific terroirs, and therefore wines with an exceptional aromatic profile.

Red Wines

Made from Gamay for Mâcon and Pinot Noir for Burgundy, we produce smooth and light red wines, to accompany all your moments of conviviality.


Since 1975, we have been producing Crémant de Bourgogne, in strict compliance with the traditional method, and have become one of the most important players in Burgundy in this appellation. Made mainly from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Crémant de Bourgogne is a wine full of character, sparkling with its aromas, freshness and finesse.

Cave de lugny grape pickers

Terroirs and Vineyards


Cave de Lugny occupies a special place in the wine world. It is the main producer of Burgundian wines and also the largest producer of Mâcon-Villages, with a third of Mâconnais production. It is also a major operator in Crémant de Bourgogne.


Export wines

Our products have been in the UK and USA for over 40 years and are now enjoyed in every corner of the planet.

The Cave thus took full part in opening export markets by launching the first bottles of ''Mâcon'' wines in the United States and England 40 years ago. This international presence was of course essential to develop the reputation of the cellar, but it also benefited the entire vineyard by contributing to the development of all appellations of the Mâconnais.

Our products are now available on 4 continents and in 21 countries; on the stage we find Great Britain, the United States and Belgium. Europe, with the Netherlands and Ireland, is a very active area. A nod to Australia, whose importance is only growing and shows the interest in our authentic Chardonnay!

Cave de Lugny

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