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The history of Michel Torino wines begins at the end of the 19th century in a remote and unexplored part of northern Argentina. Along with thousands of European immigrants exploring the new continent, a special family came to South America to make history. They were brothers David and Salvador Michel from France, as well as David's wife Gabriela Torino from Italy.

The adventurous and passionate pioneers were among the first to plant wine in the Calchaquí Valley. In 1892 they founded the company " Michel Torino Hermanos". With the Calchaquí Valley, they had chosen a particularly high-altitude wine-growing area that, in their estimation, offered the best conditions for wine growing. An oasis in the middle of the desert, 1700 meters above sea level!

When David and Gabriela died, they left their children the vineyards where the first Torrontés vines were planted here in the Calchaquí Valley, today a classic for wine lovers. You also bought more land for Michel Torino and noticeably expanded the vineyard in the 1920s.

After all, it was a Michel Torino wine that was the first Argentine wine to be exported to the world. The family's secret is quite simple. It was the willingness to put everything at the service of the cause and of course the French-Italian expertise and the extraordinary potential of the valley.

In addition to Torrontés, it is mainly Malbec and of course the international classic Cabernet Sauvignon that Michel Torino generated a lot of turnover. A wonderfully sincere treat! Lose yourself in the scent of plums and cherries of Malbec, absorb the fresh lemon aroma of Chardonnay and discover for yourself why you will never love another Torrontés wine more than the Michel Torino Torrontés from the Calchaquí Valley.

The Michel Torino wines are produced and marketed as the Michel Torino Colleccion.


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Reference: pr#0816

Brand: Michel Torino

Michel Torino Coleccion Malbec

area Argentina, Cachaqui ValleyGrape MalbecBottle 0.75 lAlc perc 13 %Winery Michel TorinoFood Fish, Shellfish, Terrace, Salads, ChickenAllergens SulfiteOpaque dark red color. The nose offers ripe dark fruit with a spicy touch. In the mouth there are notes of ripe black fruit, full and with good acidity. Good tannins and a...
Price € 9.19
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Reference: pr#0817

Brand: Michel Torino

Michel Torino Coleccion Torrontes

area Argentina, Cachaqui ValleyGrape TorrontesBottle 0.75 lAlc perc 13.5 %Winery Michel TorinoFood Fish, Seafood, Terrace, Salads,Allergens SulfiteThis refreshing white wine combines the scents of tropical fruit with fine floral aromas. A lively and aromatic wine.
Price € 9.19
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