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Reference: pr#0359

Brand: Prime Cuts

Prime Cuts red blend

Gebied Zuid Afrika, SwartlandDruif BlendFles 0,75 LAlc perc 13 %Bottelaar Prime CutsAllergenen SulfietEten Vlees, Bbq, Swartland grapes are expertly blended with passion and skill to produce wines full of flavor and character. An absolute Cape classic!
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List of products by brand Les Celliers Jean d'Alibert

Les Celliers Jean d'Alibert

Jean d'Alibert was appointed Abbot of Caunes-Minervois by King Henri IV in 1598. Abbot Jean d'Alibert had an original entrepreneurial activity, both for the monastery and for the economy of the region. It was he who made famous the marble quarry of Caunes Minervois, the most beautiful pieces of which adorn the most important monuments of the world (Italy, Versailles, Arabian Peninsula). Abbot Jean d'Alibert allowed the global influence of local products, and we continue to do this by exporting the wine of our terroir around the world.

Les celliers jean d Alibert

Les Celliers Jean d'Alibert is located in the south of France in the Occitanie region, in two departments, Aude (11) and Hérault (34), at the foot of the Black Mountain and overlooking the Pyrenees. They are located in a pine forest surrounded by vineyards, near Carcassonne and in the heart of the production area of the Minervois appellation.

Les Celliers jean d'alibert

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