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Domaine Preignes Le Vieux

Between Béziers and Agde, in the heart of Languedoc, lies the Preignes vineyard and a medieval castle belonging to the Vic family. Five generations have succeeded in developing famous wines, including this French rosé wine.

The Comtesse de Marion rosé is made from Grenache grapes, the sticks of which grow in a clay-rich and volcanic soil. After pressing the grapes, the juice only comes into contact with the skins for 8 hours. This ensures the salmon-pink color and promotes the fruit aromas in the wine. The rosé is at its best when served chilled (8 – 10ºC).

Comtesse de Marion has held the Qualenvi certificate for several years. This is a quality label for independent winegrowers. This means that the highest standards of hygiene, quality and environmental care are met on the domain. For example, no weed killer is used.

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