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Brand: Pasqua Wijnhuis

Villa Borghetti Valpolicella Ripasso


areaItalie, Veneto, ValpolicellaGrapeCorvina 60%, round inella 20%, Corvinone 10%, Negrara 10%bottles0.75 LAlc perc13.5%WineryPasqua, Villa BorghettiFoodgrilled meat, spicy cheesesAllergensSulfieThis one Valpolicella Which has been in contact with the Amarone's error schilles, with some leftover sugars, gives one to cherry flavoring wine, the wine gets...

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Brand: vallformosa

Vallformosa Cava Brut


areaSpain, PenedesGrapeMacabeo,Viura, porellada, Xarelbottles0.75 LAlc perc11.5%WineryVallformosAllergensSulfieclass classCavaThe Cava Brut of Vallformosa is a classic dry style Cava with a scent and taste that dominates the healed.In the mouth of pear, green apple, lime that's very pleasant. The finishing is dry with a clear acid wire that stays to the...

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Brand: castel wine

Villa Luisa Primivo


areaItalie, PugliaGrapePrimitvobottles0.75 LAlc perc13%WineryCastel WinesFoodPasta with tomato sauce, grilled meat, red meat,AllergensSulfieYears2021Soft wine, ripen for 6 months on oak barrels, with a strong, warming taste of both toast-like aromas as well as shades of plums, black cherries, berries, laurel and herbs.

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Brand: Pasqua Wijnhuis

Pasqua Pinot Grigio Rosé


areaItalie, VenetoGrapePino Grigiobottles0.75 LAlc perc12.5%WineryPasquaFoodfish, apperitive, scale and shellfish, skinny fishAllergensSulfieYears2021Pasqua Pinot Grigio Rosé delle Venezie IGT Mater Anna is a fresh, well-balanced and fruity wine with elegant tones of pear and abrikoos.The Pinot Grigio grapes of this wine are carefully selected from the...

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    Yering Station Pinot Noir Wijnhandel grand Cave
    • Yering Station Pinot Noir Wijnhandel grand Cave

    Yering Station Pinot Noir

    areaAustralia, Yarra valley
    GrapePinot Noir
    bottles0.75 L
    Alc perc13.5%
    WineryYering Station
    Foodred meat, folded, grilled flesh

    An excellent Pinot Noir from the Yarra Valley. Delicious fruity flavors stretch the taste buds

    light, dark cherry, raspberry and vanilla weed with a soft, dusty complexity.

    Medium of taste, delicate soft tannin with well-balanced fruit that expresses the cool climate.

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    Yering Station

    The in Scotland born brothers Ryrie waged in the Yarra valley, gained 43,000 acres and called the country "Yering," the Aboriginal name. The brothers planned two grapes, but mostly used the country for their cattle. In the early 1850s, Paul became the Castella owner Yering Station And started developing from what had been a feast in the first place until a milestone of the winery egg in Victoria.

    For years, it was Yering StationOf course one of the largest in the area, and visitors and vacationers took to the Yarra Valley. Wines from this new region began to press their stamp on the world, with Ying who won prizes like the Argus Gold Cup for the best Victorian vineyard in 1861, and a Grand Prix in the World Representation, where only 1889s were won in Paris.

    Yering Station modern history

    yarrabank rack

    After Yering Station In the early 1900 different times of ownership, it was bought by the Rathbone family in 1996.

    As wine lovers, the Rathbone family had considered the idea to be wine producers for years. After planting the Laura Barnes Vineyard in 1995 and with the background of the family in the agriculture, production and their passion for the wine industry Yering Station a clear step forward. This natural development in combination with a combination of family languages allowed them to develop a successful business around quality wine. The purchase of the Rathbone Yering Station Was a great year for real estate that the successful enterprise with Champagne Devaux.

    Ying remains a family business and exploited winery that allows itself to produce quality and decorations. The Rathbone family strives to provide an environment where his passionate young team can thrive.

    Yering Station today today

    brezeway over pond

    In 2008, Willy Lunnn entered Yering Station As Chief Winemaker. Willy remains a welcome addition to the addition Yering StationTeam and his passion for the industry and the stakes for encouraging a strong culture will allow Yering to thrive.

    The importance of pride inheritance is still a visible and prominent feature of the premises, including the original lane lane, a monumental barn, and an early wine build, where now the Ykeleton states.

    The vision of the Rathbone family on real estate has led to important achievements, including winning the "International winemaker of the year" at the renowned International Wine and Comptition London; And the real estate is recorded in the 'Hall of Fame' of the Australian Tourism Awards in 2006

    Product Details

    Data sheet

    Wijn Kleur
    Rode Wijn
    Druivenras Rood
    Pinot Noir
    Alcohol %
    13,5 %
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