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Brand: Pasqua Wijnhuis

Villa Borghetti Valpolicella Ripasso


area Italie, Veneto, ValpolicellaGrape Corvina 60%, round inella 20%, Corvinone 10%, Negrara 10%bottles 0.75 LAlc perc 13.5%Winery Pasqua, Villa BorghettiFood grilled meat, spicy cheesesAllergens SulfieThis one Valpolicella Which has been in contact with the Amarone's error schilles, with some leftover sugars, gives one to...

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Reference: pr#0038

Brand: vallformosa

Vallformosa Cava Brut


areaSpain, PenedesGrapeMacabeo,Viura, porellada, Xarelbottles0.75 LAlc perc11.5%WineryVallformosAllergensSulfieclass classCavaThe Cava Brut of Vallformosa is a classic dry style Cava with a scent and taste that dominates the healed.In the mouth of pear, green apple, lime that's very pleasant. The finishing is dry with a clear acid wire that stays to the...

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Reference: bu#0057

Brand: castel wine

Villa Luisa Primivo


areaItalie, PugliaGrapePrimitvobottles0.75 LAlc perc13%WineryCastel WinesFoodPasta with tomato sauce, grilled meat, red meat,AllergensSulfieYears2021Soft wine, ripen for 6 months on oak barrels, with a strong, warming taste of both toast-like aromas as well as shades of plums, black cherries, berries, laurel and herbs.

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Brand: Pasqua Wijnhuis

Pasqua Pinot Grigio Rosé


areaItalie, VenetoGrapePino Grigiobottles0.75 LAlc perc12.5%WineryPasquaFoodfish, apperitive, scale and shellfish, skinny fishAllergensSulfieYears2021Pasqua Pinot Grigio Rosé delle Venezie IGT Mater Anna is a fresh, well-balanced and fruity wine with elegant tones of pear and abrikoos.The Pinot Grigio grapes of this wine are carefully selected from the...

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    • Feudi di San Gregorio Fiano di Avellino

    Feudi di San Gregorio Fiano di Avellino

    areaItalie, Campania
    bottles0.75 L
    Alc perc13.5%
    WineryFeudi di san Gregorio
    FoodTapas, Pasta, good on Terras

    Nice fresh wine from 100% Fiano. In the scent of chamomile, yellow peaches and poisoned orange. The taste is soft and impressive, with refreshing minerals.

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    Feudi Wijnen

    The wine region of Campania, as Capital Naples, covers the 30,000 acres of vineyards and produces about 2 million acres of hectoliter wine, which is mostly red. In addition to red, the wine from the grapes of aglianico jumps out, mostly tied up in the hills of Irpinia. In white, the aromatic, vivid wine of the race is the most fascinating, besides falanghina and pedirossi. Those last two races are near Naples in volcanic soil and have their original root sticks: The very damaging grapevine phylloxera (whisting European root sticks) reason to replace it by American can't survive in this type of land

    Feudi wijnen in Campania Italie

    One of the cornerstones of St. Gregory Fiefs the vision is the belief that a bottle of wine and artwork is the same creative process.

    The love and passion in the count of the wine, the effort in making the wine and the patient, which makes it an authentic artwork.

    These are the same feelings and emotions that they monitor artists in their creative processes making a sculpture, a picture, a painting or an installation.

    In light of this approach, Feudi di San Gregorio is competing with fertile and constant exchange of knowledge and creativity.

    Irpinia, in the historic region of the Campanic Apennines, is a unique wine building and wine region, where olive trees and herbs are combined with fruit trees: a rough and gentle area with a strong and real identity.

    Irpinia is an ancient domestic where the vineyards were even described by ancient authors like Pliny, Columella and Strabo. The region of Irpinia is very varied, with a consequence of mountains, hills and plains with rivers and confessions between them.

    The territory of the orograph causes a system of winds that gives the region good rainfall and creates a microclimate that separates the other Campania areas: the vegetation is varied and fat; the short winters are extremely cold and snowed while summers are mild and long.

    This isn't Campania, it's Irpinia!

    Feudi wijnen Campania Italie

    Feudi di San Gregoriovanday embodies the oenological renaissance of Southern Italy and promotes a wine culture for the revelation of mediterranean. Promoting grapes from Southern Italy, like Aglianico, Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo, to invest in the country and in the old tradition of making wine, and to offer a university. Feudi di San Gregorio was founded in 1986 by two Irpine families and has his roots in the town of Sorbo Serpico in the county Avellino.

    Since the early days, the wine house has focused on preserving high-end productions and the strictest demands of the market. The new winery was dedicated in 2004, due to the wish of Feudi di San Gregorio to combine his old tradition with a futuristic architectural project. If you climb up the hill to the Serbian Serb, you come into a magical world with water flows, herbs and flourishing roses.

    The biggest surprise is in the winery, with its long kegger where the red wines are kept.

    Feudi Kelder wijnvaten


    Product Details

    Data sheet

    Wijn Kleur
    Witte Wijn
    Druivenras Wit
    Alcohol %
    13,5 %
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    Reference: pr#0173

    Brand: Feudi Wijnen

    Feudi Di San Gregorio Rubrato


    areaItalie, CampanieGrapeAglianiAlready13.5%bottlesOH, 75 LFoodRund flesh, Pasta, LambAlreadySulfieThis wine smells in the nose excessively to ripe wild fruit. The stake is good and balanced, fruity at the end of a small, delicate balsamico touch. definitely worth a try if you haven't had this wine.

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